Business Advisory
Services Descriptions

New Accounting Pronouncements   Advice and implementation of new accounting standards.

Cost Accounting Implementation – Implementation of a system that will capture all the costs associated with the procurement, production, sale, and shipping of a company’s products.

Buy-Sell Agreements – Guidance in implementing buy-sell agreements between owners of a business for succession planning or between a company and a third-party buyer.

Internal Control Review & Improvements – Assessment of internal controls and associated processes with consideration given to standard business practices and special industry needs.

Budgeting, Projections & Proformas – Establish budgets, projections and/or proformas. Design and implement infrastructure for ongoing creation and usage.

External Audit Preparation – Assist organization’s finance and accounting departments to improve readiness for external auditors.

Financial Analysis – Use of company’s financial data and industry data to provide more clarity into the profitability of the business to identify areas of risk and opportunity.

Financial Reporting Design and Analysis – Setup a format tailored to the business for reporting financial results, for conducting analysis, and communicating results.

Lean Six Sigma, Training and Project Leadership – Education, coaching employees and leading projects on business process improvement.

Software Selection and Implementation Management  Identify, document and prioritize system requirements needs, evaluate, and score options.

Process Engineering & Continuous Improvement – Identify opportunities for processes within any function of the business, determine best solution, and implement improvements.

Change Management Support –  Work with the organization to help employees embrace changes that result from management initiatives, technology, and business environment.

Kaizen Facilitation – Lead session(s) to address a specific problem to be solved by all employees involved in the process.

Strategic and Operational planning – Facilitate the creation of a multiyear plan for the business both long term (Strategic) and short term (Operational).

Balanced Scorecard Creation – Identify key financial and nonfinancial metrics to use to monitor the business.

KPI Identification – Identify key performance indicators, using daily or weekly data, necessary to best predict the success of the business.

Project and Program Management – Help leadership determine projects that need to be completed, the priority, necessary resources and timing.  Lead the implementation of selected projects.

Divestiture & Integration Management – Assist management with the sale and transition of a business line to a third-party buyer or assisting management with connecting an acquired business line with the existing systems and culture. Also, includes identification of product lines that do not add value to the organization.

Margin Analysis – Analyze financial data to determine what elements are driving the profit of the business. This includes analyzing margin by products and/or product lines to identify pricing opportunities.

Business Valuations – Calculate the value of the business using industry standards or through third party valuation experts.

SWOT Analysis – Discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business.

Tax Research –. Provide tax support for businesses in a  constantly changing tax environment.

Income Tax Planning – Projection of annual income taxes and recommendation of actions for management to take to minimize these taxes.

Estate and Trust Planning – Since closely held businesses, sometimes family owned, are likely a large part of a client’s estate, estate and possibly trust planning are integral parts of the succession plan of a business.

State Tax (Income, Sales, etc.) – As businesses grow and sales extend into multiple states and international markets, compliance with the various jurisdictions’ tax laws require careful planning. We work with the organization to navigate these rules.

Federal & State Tax Credits – Assist in identifying and utilizing various tax incentives. Georgia has many credits that incentivize increase in employment, capital projects, and other important growth initiatives.

IC-DISC Formation –  Creation of a corporation for a business to pay income into based on its foreign sales to receive a lower tax rate.